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CAMALIGE Consulting was created out of a need for more ethical leadership & management. The founder had seen that pre the COVID-19 pandemic many leaders of countries, prominent business leaders had engaged in practices that were not in the best interest of broader human society.

Generally sectors and governments around the globe were intentionally creating more poverty, unsustainable work and social practices. The founder Mr Geoff Manu decided to try and create a change in business philosophy where we need to redefine the meaning of winning in business. In general terms in business its about the winner taking all, in Mr Manu's view this is the very essence of the problem. For people to succeed, they need to somehow take more of the current resource, which means others have to miss out or have less. Lets start changing this type of thinking to create a better outcome for all...


Mr Manu has been employed in senior leadership and management for over 25 years. He has experience working within the private and government sectors. He has a team of critical thinkers, future planners, and strategic disruptor's to help create change...   


To provide comprehensive, high quality management support to business executives to create positive impact for their Staff, Clients and the Broader Community.  

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To support future leaders create solutions to problems that are in line with the best interest of humanity.